The Cape Peninsula is a generally rocky area that points out into the Atlantic Ocean. What makes this peninsula so special is the fact that it is formed on the most far south-western point of Africa, giving it the essence of the continent literally sticking its hands out into the sea. To entice your senses to an amazing tour, you’ll get to experience all the Cape Peninsula has to offer!



Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve

The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve is a must-visit if you want to experience fauna and flora untouched. With a wide variety of fynbos and other plant life, you’d be amazed at what this small peninsula really holds! You can also look forward to spotting animals such as baboons, zebra, buck and over 250 different species of birds. To top it off, you can also relax at one of the numerous picnic spots, go mountain biking or hunt for treasure in tidal pools.

Cape Point

Cape Point is the most South-Westerly tip of the African continent and home to some of the country’s exclusive historical landmarks. From here, you get to experience the full power of the Cape Point Lighthouse, which has a range of 63 kilometres out onto the ocean. You can also enjoy a bite to eat at Two Oceans Restaurant or indulge in Cape Point history by stopping over at the Buffelsfontein Visitors Centre.

False Bay

False Bay is the largest bay in South Africa and probably the most spectacular. If you’re a lover of whales, this is the perfect spot to visit once whale season hits the beaches of SA. False Bay boasts immaculate stretches of sandy beaches, great views and a wide variety of hotels, villas and hangout spots for those looking to have a good time.

Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is named among the coolest neighbourhoods in the world as this quaint fishing village doesn’t hold back! Being only 25 minutes away from Cape Town, you can look forward to magnificent views ranging from the sea to the towering mountains in the distance. In Kalk Bay, you can visit second-hand bookshops, watch fishing boats return from expeditions, visit old buildings and lose yourself in the pure bliss of the escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
Boulders Beach – Endangered African Penguin Colony Boulders Beach is where you’d be able to spot the endangered African Penguin colony.
These amazingly cute creatures love swimming in the slightly warmer water of this beach and if you take a dip, you might find they are quite curious! While they might seem tame, it is important to remember that these animals should be treated like kings as they are endangered
and form a big historical venture for the Cape.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Stretching over a whopping 528 hectares, the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is the perfect place to experience flora that will leave you gobsmacked. The natural forest within these gardens, as well as the flora in and around it, is indigenous to South Africa only. You can even relax at the coffee shop or stay for one of the many concerts held here throughout the year. While the Cape Peninsula may seem like a small tip on the African Continent, it is jam-packed with history, natural and man-made formations as well as plant and animal life to enjoy. With that said, it is safe to say that the Cape Peninsula is where you get to experience
Africa in all its glory!

Robben Island Tour

Robben Island, famous for its prison that held Nelson Mandela for 18 years of his sentence, has a rich history waiting to be explored by travellers. This island also, many years ago, had a military base, hospital and mental institution. With that said, the amount of knowledge and fascinating stories one can find here is beyond any other tourist attraction of its sort. While on this tour, you’ll get to learn and in a way, experience, what it was like being captivated in a
prison on an island.

Ferry Trip to/from the Island

To get to and from Robben Island, one can travel by ferry. This gives you the opportunity to gaze over the ocean and take in the magnificent views of Robben Island and its surroundings. As the island is situated about 12km from Cape Town, one can only imagine the type of troublemakers sent to the
prison built on the secluded island.

Bus Tour around the Island

Once arriving on the island, a tour bus will guide you around the island so you can fully take in the surroundings. Telling a tale of harsh history, you will, alongside a square-towered church, see Sailboat cannons used to defend Cape Town in another era. You will also be guided around the village where water it gathered from boreholes and electricity is generated independently.

Nelson Mandela’s Cell

Cell number 5, Nelson Mandela’s prison cell for 18 years on Robben Island, has attracted travellers from all over the world for a number of years. This freedom fighter, incarcerated in the apartheid era, has become a legend in eyes across the globe. Simply being in the prison cell where this amazing leader once fought for his own freedom is exhilarating. While he finally won the battle over political views in 1994, his “home” became the reason for him to
keep fighting for racial equality. Today, when visiting his cell, you’ll only find a shallow
bowl and spoon, a sleeping mat, a small wardrobe and a blanket. But Nelson Mandela’s spirit
still lives on between the walls of this small national treasure.

Walking tour around the prison

To help you truly understand the implications of Robben Island prison, you’ll be guided through the prison by former inmates. They, and only they can tell the tales of what life was like during these harsh times in their lives. Some of the former inmates might indulge you with stories of the jazz band that grew quite popular among the inmates of the time. Another tour guide, also a former inmate, might tell you about how well the gardens were kept by prisoners trying to occupy their minds while passing the time. While walking along the cemetery, guides will also paint a vivid picture of how prisoners were forced to work, for
hours at end, in the hot sun, poking away at limestone hedges.

A beautiful Island, Robben Island carries with it a certain sense of liberation. Once you set foot on the island, it is almost tangible and once you leave, a piece of your memory will always be reserved for the place once haunted by ghosts of the past.

Safari Tours (One Day)

If you’re looking for an experience that will get you up close and personal with South Africa’s Big 5, you need to opt for a one-day Safari Tour. Proven to be malaria-free, these safari drives will take you into the wilderness, help you become parallel with nature and give you some insight into what a day in the wild consists of. If you’re an avid flora enthusiast, you can also look forward to some pretty amazing sightings, huge African trees and grasslands that just might hide a leopard or two!
On this tour, you get to choose from two different safari experiences, each combining the perfect combination of wilderness!

Combo Safari

The Combo Safari is led by experienced game rangers, thus you can rest assured you’ll be
safe at all times while still giving you the time of your life! While the Combo Safari includes
horseback riding or biking, you are not required to have any prior experience as tour guides
will be there for assistance every step of the way. The itinerary of the Combo Safari is as
06h45: Depart from Cape Town to selected Game Reserve
09h00-10h00: Breakfast is served
10h00: 2 to 3-Hour game drive
13h00: Buffet Lunch
14h00: 1.5-hour horseback or quad bike outride
17h00: Depart to Cape Town

Whale Route Tour

One phenomenon iconic to Cape Town is its whales. For many years, individuals have been captivated by the sheer beauty of these magnificent creatures of the sea. While driving along the Whale Route, one can see the sprouts of water above the ocean surface as whales make their way from one point of the Cape Peninsula to the other. When their bodies break the surface of the ocean, it’s like nothing you have ever seen – thus making it the perfect tour item to enjoy during the months of August to December. While on this tour, you can choose to go on a whale viewing boat trip or if you want to experience nightlife in the area, you can
upgrade your day tour to an overnight stay!

Coastal scenic drive to whale route

The Whale Route, situated along the Overberg region, is where individuals get to experience whale sightings not found anywhere else in the country. With a total of five routes to pick from, you can choose which sights you want to see and where exactly you want to go. The coastal route will take you from Cape Town through Kogelsberg Biosphere Reserve. It is here where you can view over 1600 species of fynbos while enjoying ocean views and whale sightings. Along this route, you won’t just learn about whales and their curious behaviour, you’ll get to sightsee some of Cape Town’s best hidden natural flora gems.

Stopping in Betty’s Bay and Kleinmond

An hour before you reach Hermanus, Betty’s Bay is a stop you simply have to make in order to truly experience what the Whale Route has to offer. Situated between Pringle Bay and Kleinmond, this seaside village brings a fresh look at living a simple life. It is not uncommon to pass quite a few fishermen along the route; who always has a friendly smile or a kind word or two. Another popular attraction at Betty’s Bay is The Harold Porter Botanical Gardens. This is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing bite to eat and while you’re here, you can even visit the penguin colony at Stony Point. 

Before heading off to Hermanus, where the world’s best whale sightings can be enjoyed, you can make a stop in Kleinmond; a mere 20 minutes away! This little town holds a whole lot of adventure as you can choose from a wide variety of exhilarating adventures such as dune surfing, abseiling and river rafting. You can even try your luck at spotting the country’s only herd of wild horses galloping along the Botriver cuddling Kleinmond.

When arriving in Hermanus, you’ll notice that even though it makes an amazing holiday resort, the essence of a truly authentic fisherman’s village will always be at the forefront of this area. Known for being the world’s best whale sighting spots, Hermanus has grown tremendously over the last couple of years. With its long stretches of sandy beach, amazing culture and true spirit to protect the whales surrounding Cape Town, it’s no wonder tourists want to stay longer than anticipated!

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