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Crafting the perfect beer in Cape Town has become a form of fine art and it is here you’ll get to learn how to craft a crisp, refreshing drink. While on the Cape Craft Beer Tour, you’ll get to have an amazing lunch at a selected brewery to accompany your beer selection. The beauty behind this is that beer is versatile and goes well with a variety of dishes, giving you an insightful taste to the finer things in life. On this tour, you also get to experience and taste craft beer at 4 different brewerries on the Beer Route of Cape Town


Jack Black Brewing Company

Fuelled by a passion to create the perfect beer, Jack Black Brewing Company has been in business since 2007. Making use of natural ingredients, the perfect blend is combined with timeless perseverance to make sure every sip of beer is a taste sensation. With a whole lot of medals under their belt, they are proud to open their brewing doors to avid beer lovers seeking some insight to taste perfection.

Newlands Brewery

Newlands Brewery has been crafting beer since 1820 and is South Africa’s oldest operating brewery. While visiting the Newlands Brewery, you’ll hear stories of their excellent craftsmanship built up over the years as well as gain some amazing knowledge on how modern-day beer crafting makes one appreciate the hands that handle the beer making process. You will also get to see the Warehouse, Brewhouse, Fermentation process as well as the Packaging bay.

Devils Peak Salt River Taproom

Devils Peak Salt River Taproom has a great appreciation for beer in its finest form. Since 2012, the beer crafters of this company have made it their mission to create a beer that tastes great, no matter what form it is in. With beer flowing from glistening taps, the Taproom ensures that visitors take the amazing taste of their beers with them wherever they go. For those who aren’t such big fans of alcoholic drinks, Devils Peak has crafted a special ale that does not contain any alcohol.

Woodstock Brewery

Woodstock Brewery gives you the opportunity to sit in their beer garden and watch the craftsmanship taking place. With 10 different brews being manufactured, you can be sure to find a beer that will tickle your taste buds. For an enlightening peek into what Woodstock Brewery is all about, you’ll get to visit their Taproom and Brewhouse. Here you will also get
a glance into the rich history of beer crafting.

With each individual having his or her own tastes, exploring these 4 breweries with Easy Go
Travels will help find a new love for a cold, crisp beer!

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