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Cape Town, with its gorgeous scenery and misty mountains, hides something for every type of traveller. However, if you truly want to experience what Cape Town has to offer in its full glory, you need to let a tour of the city guide you to the creative, yet timeless side of life. While on the Cape Town City Tour, you’ll get to experience both history and modern living coming together to form a magnificent part of South Africa that won’t ever be forgotten!


Bo-Kaap / Cape Malay Quarter

One of the most amazing parts of the tour will take you down a very brightly coloured Bo-Kaap or Cape Malay Quarter. Here, you will experience colourful cottages along cobbled streets – something you won’t anywhere else in the world. You will also be guided through the Bo-Kaap Craft and Food Market where you’ll always find something delicious to eat. Streetwires will also entice you with their crafts made of wire and other waste material, giving an artistic gaze to what the Bo-Kaap has to offer.

Company’s Garden

If you’re a lover of all things botanical, Company’s Garden is the best place for you to experience Cape Town’s flora. This huge public park is home to a fish pond, a Japanese garden, a rose garden as well as an aviary. While strolling along the pathway sided with park benches and magnificent views of Table Mountain, you can also visit the South African Museum, the Planetarium and the South African art Gallery as these buildings are also situated within the garden.

Green Market Square

One of Cape Town’s oldest markets, Green Market Square, will get you any trinket you can imagine. This market set beside some of Cape Town’s authentic cobbled streets has stalls with clothes, shoes, jewellery, artwork and much more from all corners of the world. If you’re looking for something to buy, bartering is one of exciting adventures to take on when looking for the perfect gift.

Table Mountain

Cape Town and Table Mountain walk hand-in-hand and it only makes sense to visit this iconic mountain while touring through the city. This mountain has a charismatic blanket of mist that often comes rolling over it, almost like a tablecloth covering a table – thus the name. Cable cars operate daily, should the weather permit it, with enthusiastic travellers who want to experience the view from the top of the mountain. You can also enjoy a bite to eat at a
restaurant situated on the mountain as well as watch the sunset from the Cableway Cocktail Bar.

Castle of Good Hope

Guarding most of Cape Town’s rich history, the Castle of Good Hope was first constructed when Jan van Riebeeck arrived at the Cape in 1652. Centuries later, this castle is now a national monument and gives travellers an insightful look into the past. Here, you’ll get to experience military ceremonies, food, wine and amazing artworks – all authentic to Cape Town and its alluring façade.

City Orientation

Driving through the streets of Cape Town you can indulge in exploring as there is so much to see of Cape Town City Centre where historic and important buildings will be pointed out to you. You can look forward to always seeing something that will catch your eye, peak your interest and give you something amazing to take home with you after visiting the Mother city.

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